5-Point Comprehensive Service Plan

During the first year we'll perform an initial service followed by our four seasonal visits. The first seasonal visit is scheduled 30-45 days later to break the insect egg cycle. Following your initial service you will receive notification by email one week in advance of you upcoming service date and time.
Removed Cobwebs and Wasp Nests
Inspected Property and Treated Hotspots
Granulated Yard and Planting Beds
6-Foot Barrier Treatment Around House
Treated Eaves and Soffit

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Before treating we perform a thorough inspection of your property to diagnose and investigate any current pest issues and to identify conditions that would attract future pests and recommend appropriate adjustments. Based on our inspection our service is tailored accordingly. It typically is consists of the following.


Using a webster, we sweep the eves removing spider webs, wasps nests, and other pests. After which we treat areas of concern and apply a repellent. Attention to detail on the eaves eliminates pests that the lawn and foundation barrier won’t get to. Unlike most companies we aren't afraid to get the ladder out to get those hard to reach areas.


Mosts pests enter the home through the foundation so it's crucial that we establish at least a 6 foot barrier to eliminate invading pests before they enter your home. We use a micro-encapsulated product that will repel pests from entering your home for an extended period of time.


Pests come from the yard so next we inspect the entire yard looking for existing and potential nesting sites that need to be treated to prevent pests from infestation.


The best offense is a good defense and that's why our low-impact approach is designed to repel pests from the outside. Protecting the inside of your home is our goal and that's why the inside is always under warranty.

Winter Treatments

During the cooler winter months pests accumulate in attics, crawl spaces, and wall voids to breed. Because of this, services performed during December, January, and February will include attic, crawl space, and wall void treatments to prevent a spike in hatchlings when the temperature rises.
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