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What are voles?

Voles are small pests that live in and cause damage to our yards. We identify voles by their tiny ears, short tails, and rounded snouts. Covering their chunky, round bodies is dense black or brown fur. At first glance, voles look very similar to mice. Therefore if you are spotting small rodents in your yard, it is always best to contact a Boise, ID rodent control professional. They will be able to accurately identify the species in order to administer the proper treatment and eliminate the rodents from your Idaho property!

a vole outside in meridian idaho

Are voles dangerous?

Voles are rodents, and like all rodents, voles can cause damage using their constantly growing, chisel-like front incisors. Voles rarely move indoors; they are mainly a threat to our lawns and landscape.

Below is a list of some of the damage these tiny animals can cause.

  • Small trees and shrubs are very susceptible to being damaged by voles — they chew on the bark at the base of the trunk.
  • As voles travel, they make “runways” through the grass. Voles create these unsightly trails by feeding on and damaging the grass and using the same travel paths.
  • Voles also damage lawns when they dig shallow burrows, underground nests, and food storage areas. The entrance and exit holes are unsightly and ruin the aesthetic of yards.
  • If these pests do ever wind up in your house, it is not ideal; like other rodents, they contaminate surfaces with pathogens they carry on their bodies and in their waste.

Why do I have a vole problem?

If your yard or outdoor space has plenty of grassy areas and vegetation to feed on, voles will take advantage. Voles can become a problem in any of our yards. Any property with gardens, grass, and other plants is fair game. Opportunistic pests, voles will make themselves at home anywhere that provides them with their basic needs. Voles breed quickly and year-round, so large populations can develop in the blink of an eye!

Where will I find voles?

A staple food source for many predators, voles need to stay hidden to protect themselves from becoming prey. Voles live in areas of tall grass, dense ground cover, and where there is lots of landscaping. Orchards, farms, golf courses, parks, tree nurseries, and yards are places favored by voles. Voles are active year-round; during the winter months, if snow is present, they tunnel under the snow, and instead of feeding on grass and other plants, they feed on the bark of trees.

How do I get rid of voles?

Owyhee Environmental is the best choice to find, trap, and eliminate destructive voles from your Idaho property. Using the best products on the market, a low-impact approach, and high-quality products, we provide long-lasting solutions you can trust. If you are experiencing problems with voles on your Boise or Meridian area residential or commercial property, call Owyhee Environmental today and learn more about our affordable and tailored rodent control solutions.

How can I prevent voles in the future?

At Owyhee Environmental, we want to help you prevent vole problems by providing a list of prevention tips that will make your property less attractive to these pests:

  • Mow your lawn weekly to keep the grass short and less appealing to voles.
  • Reseed your lawn to eliminate vole trails.
  • Fill in any ground holes you discover in your lawn.
  • Eliminate ground cover from garden areas.
  • Use crushed rock in gardens instead of mulch.
  • Protect the bark of young trees by placing a tree guard around the bottom of the trunk.

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