Pest Proofing Tips For Commercial Kitchens

Commercial kitchens have several areas that can lead to poor sanitation and result in infestations that leads to illness and health code violations. This can put your business at risk with customers, employees, and the health department.

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December 15, 2020

Commercial kitchens have several areas that can lead to poor sanitation and result in infestations that leads to illness and health code violations. This can put your business at risk with customers, employees, and the health department. Stored food, trash, dining, and food prep areas, dumpsters, trash bins,entrances and exit doors, floor drains, and cabinets lead to infestations with rodents and bugs. Preventing infestatons is the key to running a successful business.

Common Commercial Kitchen Pests

Rats and mice are one of the most common commercial kitchen pests. They are attracted to the warmth of the kitchen, food and water, and places to build a nest. These pests can contaminate the water and food with urine and feces, spread disease,and carry smaller pests with them. Mice and rodents will do damage to equipment and wiring by knawing through materials and reproducing in quantity. They are attracted to unsanitary restauant conditions.

Cockroaches hide in cracks and crevices near food and water-primarily in the kitchen and bathrooms.They are attracted to warmth, humidity, food, and moisture. The bacteria they leave can cause food borne illnesses that can be transferred to the dining areas and kitchen. Flies are drawn to garbage,odors, rotting food,warmth, and can transmit many harmful diseases. Ants like sugary foods,improperly stored foods and often build a nest in water pipes and under sinks.They contaminate food and carry bacteria. All of these are common kitchen pests.

At OWHEE Environmental we  have traps and products that can control and kill mice and rats when the situation is serious. Our trained staff has commercial products that control and eliminate flies, cockroaches, and ants in the commercial kitchen. Some bug infestations are treated by vacuuming and applyinga commercial insecticide to draw them out. Hot air or a flushing agent may be used to get them to come out of their hiding place. We use foams, gels, and sprays to treat infestations, and some cut through grease and eliminate the problem.Our staff uses insecticides and traps customizing solutions to each customer .These are some of our services for commercial pest control for restaurants.

Tips for Cleaning the Interior Of The Kitchen

Dining rooms and food prep areas should be cleaned daily. Wipe down tables and chair,vacumn the floors, and sanitize the dining area, Wipe and disinfect the food prep counters, wash down walls, and clean the cooking equipment. Don't forget the underside. Wipe down and clean coffee makers, toasters, microwaves and slicers regularly.  Floor should be swept and washed to remove any food or grease. Interior trash cans should be cleaned and disinfected daily. Sinks and drains must be cleaned and storage areas and freezers swept regularly. Wash towels, uniforms, aprons, and wash clothes daily.

Trash cans inside should have liners and the inside cleaned and disinfected daily. Food should be stored in tight fitting containers in the refrigerator or off the ground at least six feet and away from the walls Dry food should be checked frquently for contamination. Clean floor drains daily as they attract pest and often get clogged. A drive through window should be cleaned and disinfected daily and an air curtain can prevent insects from entering a window or receiveing area. Door sweeps keeps out the cold and pests too. Overall clean up food and spills immediatelly do not wait. A regular daily cleaning schedule is important to good sanitation.

Ways To Clean The Exterior Of The Commercial Kitchen

A commmercial dumpster shoud be away from the building and empited often.It should be large enough to prevent overflow. Clean the area around with a water hose and keep the drain clean. It might be wise to hire a commerical cleaning service to clean the inside monthly. The odors and bacteria inside builds up causing a stench and  illness. Dumpsters shoulld have tight fitting lids. These dumpsters attract pest outside. Check the exterior of the building for cracks and areas that pest can enter. Seal cracks and holes to ensure safety for your customers and staff. Sweep the lot or property to keep it clean and sanitary daily.

Be careful with lighting as it attracts bugs in evening and warmer weather. Lights that are yellow in color and emit less heat will keep those pest away. LED lights attract less bugs becaue they have a cooler white glow and burn at a lower temperature. Don't forget  they sell special bug lights for outdoor too.These are ways to answer your question How Can I Prevent Pest Infestation In MyCommercial Kitchen.

More Serious Commercial Kitchen Pest Infestations

When your deaing wiith more serious pest infestations in your kitchen OWYHEE Enviironment in Boise and Medidian has commercial solutions to fit your needs. Call us or fill out our onlline form today Don't keep asking How Can I Prevent Pest Infestation In My Commercial Kitchen. We specalize n pest control for restaurants.

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