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Known for its natural splendor and collection of killer breweries and wineries, Garden City is a quaint little suburb of Boise in the beautiful state of Idaho. While it’s an idyllic place to live, local property owners have to contend with pest invasions and, thanks to our snowy winters, pest populations are even more driven to invade Garden City homes and businesses to find shelter from the elements. That’s why everyone, from residents to business owners, should learn how to properly prevent infestations and address problems quickly. Owyhee Environmental can help -- we offer the best protection against infestations and the fastest responses to existing problems.

Home Pest Control In Garden City, ID

Finding a pest company that’s responsive to your needs should be easy. Unfortunately, many companies try to take on wide service areas that, in metropolitan areas like ours, lead to a lot of wait-time between when you call and when someone actually gets to your property. With a pest problem in your home, we know you want it fixed fast, which is why we specifically target the areas around Boise that often get overlooked. At Owyhee Environmental, we can help protect your Garden City home from the following pest problems:

  • Damage: Pests can chew or scratch household items, causing often irreversible damage. They also leave their droppings behind, leading to stains and foul odors.
  • Disease: The real danger of a pest population isn’t always the damage they cause, it’s the diseases they carry. Avoiding pest infestations will help you avoid the nasty illnesses that tend to accompany them.
  • Growth: The longer a pest problem goes unchecked, the more it grows in size and number. The more a population grows, the more you run the risk of those other problems taking hold.

Don't leave the safety of your Garden City home to chance, contact the professionals at Owyhee Environmental.


Four Reasons Rodent Control Is Important For Garden City Properties

mouse looking for food garden city

Let’s dig into one of those pests mentioned above a little bit more: rodents. The term refers to a range of small mammals, from common mice and rats to destructive gophers and voles. All of them can cause damage to your property and introduce those nasty illnesses. Rodents are also often carriers of parasites like fleas and ticks, which can spread like wildfire once they make it indoors. Rodents also demonstrate how good pests are at hiding since they often hole up in the voids of our walls or other dark areas where we don’t typically make a habit of looking. That’s why professional pest control and early prevention measures are better than trying to deal with a rodent problem on your own. At Owyhee Environmental we can protect you from the following rodent realities:

1. Damage
2. Disease
3. Parasites
4. Nesting

Stop rodent problems before they start with Owyhee Environmental.

Are The Spiders In Garden City Harmful To Humans?


spider in garden city id

Spiders are just as common as other pests, but many people don’t consider just how indicative spiders are of larger pest problems. Spiders don’t forage for food like other pests, they hunt for it. They also don’t need to seek shelter from the cold, thanks to an antifreeze-like chemical they can circulate throughout their bodies. That means pretty much the only reason you’d see a spider around your property is because other pests, the ones they hunt, are already there.

And while most spiders are relatively harmless to people, there are a couple of species whose bites can lead to serious symptoms like nausea, dizziness, and painful burning sensations. That’s why it’s better to be proactive with pest control, rather than wait for a problem to be noticeable before you act on it.

At Owyhee Environmental, we specialize in keeping Garden City properties free of spiders and the pests that attract them. Learn how we can assist you in preventing this chain reaction of infestations by contacting us today.

Commercial Pest Control In Garden City, ID

Homeowners aren’t the only ones in Garden City who have to watch out for pests. Often, commercial properties make even more attractive targets for invaders because they offer larger square-footage and, therefore, more places to hide. With certain businesses, factors that attract pests are part of everyday life. Restaurants and bars have lots of stored food and waste that attracts pests, and office complexes, retail stores, and industrial lots all provide pests with places to hide. At Owyhee Environmental, we offer fast and effective pest control for a range of industries, with a focus on the following common invasive pests:

  • Rodents: For foodservice businesses and healthcare facilities, rodents are especially problematic. They are scavengers that often carry diseases or parasites, making them a legitimate health risk for employees and customers.
  • Mosquitoes: One of the most common parasites in the world, mosquitoes are another pest that frequently carries disease and can spread them to people via a simple bite.
  • Fleas & Ticks: They don't just go after properties with pets. Instead, fleas and ticks are parasites that go where there are people to feed on, so businesses can get an infestation just as easily as homes. Often, infestations are brought into businesses by unsuspecting customers who are already contaminated.

Keep your commercial facility free of pests with help from Owyhee Environmental.


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