Why Are There Carpenter Ants On My Twin Falls, ID Property?

April 30, 2021

The world’s largest ant is two inches long. That is pretty big. Thankfully, the world’s largest ant does not live here in Twin Falls, ID. Our area is, however, home to the largest species of ant in North America: the carpenter ant. This large home-invading pest is as destructive as it is annoying. If you keep finding large ants around your property and are concerned they might be causing damage to your home, here are some things to consider. 

a carpenter ant on a piece of fruit

What Are Carpenter Ants?

A human carpenter makes things out of wood, items such as chairs, tables, and homes. Carpenter ants, on the other hand, are a bit different in their craft. These invasive insects do not make things out of wood but rather into the wood. More specifically, carpenter ants use their powerful mandibles to chew intricate tunnels into wooden structures. This can cause extensive damage over time and can leave homeowners with a hefty repair bill and sometimes irreparable structural problems around their home.

One thing you should know about carpenter ants is that they will not just infest any type of wood. These destructive insects usually only infest wood that is soft. Wood gets soft when it becomes water damaged, rots, or decays. These conditions happen over time and are more often found in older homes that have had time to deteriorate over the years.

Why Carpenter Ants Aren’t As Destructive As Termites

Termites are the number one home-destroying pest in America. This is not because they consume homes faster than carpenter ants or more effectively, but because they are harder to spot. Termites consume the wood they tunnel through. This allows them to stay hidden underground and inside structures of wood almost indefinitely. Carpenter ants, on the other hand, do not eat the wood they tunnel through but instead have to invade homes and scavenge for food out in nature to survive. So if carpenter ants infest your home, you should have no difficulty identifying them.

How To Identify A Carpenter Ant

A carpenter ant is best identified by its large size. These pests grow to be upwards of ½” long and come in two colors, black and red. Sometimes they are a combination of black and red. If carpenter ants are chewing away at your home, you will know they are around by their presence and by the frass (sawdust) you find around holes that they chew through walls, ceilings, and floors.

Some Clever Tips To Prevent Carpenter Ants

To keep carpenter ants out of your home, you have to limit things that attract them and address entry points that they might use to get inside. We recommend starting with moisture problems around your property. Fix leaky piping, repair broken gutters, and use a dehumidifier indoors on humid days. After this, seal gaps and cracks found in your home’s exterior foundation and repair damaged window and door screens, weatherstripping, and door sweeps. To finish, remove food attractants in and around your home. This includes picking up fruits, berries, and nuts from your yard, keeping living areas clean, and storing leftover food inside air-tight containers.

More Advice To Prevent Carpenter Ants

There is only one way to guarantee that carpenter ants stay away from your property and that is to partner with a professional. At Owyhee Environmental, we take great care in providing the absolute best home and commercial pest protection for our neighbors in Twin Falls. We have access to the advanced control measures and treatments your property needs to deter these destructive and annoying pests. Call today for more details and schedule your property for a service visit. 

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