What To Do About Carpenter Ants On Your Boise Property

January 30, 2022

Boise, Idaho, is said to be the “Gateway to the Magic Valley.” This gateway offers unique excursions like roaming the Sawtooth National Forest, viewing the Craters of the Moon National Monument, exploring Thousand Springs, and scaling the City of Rocks. One insect that may use your Boise property as a gateway to the wood inside is carpenter ants. By the time it gets done with your wood, it may resemble craters on the moon!

carpenter ant on wooden board

Who Else Wants To Know More About Carpenter Ants In Boise?

The only thing carpenters and carpenter ants have in common is their love of wood. Carpenters love to create lovely things from wood, but carpenter ants destroy it. Since there are so many ant species globally, it is good to be able to identify them.

Five characteristics of carpenter ants include the following:

  1. They range in size from ½ to 5/8 inches long.
  2. They are black, a combination of red/black, or wholly brown or red.
  3. They have six legs.
  4. They have antennae.
  5. Their bodies are oval-shaped and segmented.

Little-Known Ways To Attract Carpenter Ants To Your Boise Property

Carpenter ants have some triggers that will attract them to your property. Once it finds a source of yummy sustenance, others will follow. Finding signs of carpenter ants can be difficult; therefore, it is wise for residents to watch out for things that will draw them to your property.

Five things that attract carpenter ants to properties include:

  • Sources of sugar and protein
  • Living and dead insects
  • Sweet honeydew secretions from scale insects and aphids
  • Inside they like pet food and meats, syrup, jelly, sugar, and honey
  • Soft, damp, and rotting wood

What Everyone Ought To Know About Damages Caused By Carpenter Ants

Carpenter ants don’t eat wood, but they do excavate it for their nest building. Carpenter ants chew through wood to make tunnels with irregular passageways; these are gateways to carpenter ant nests. A carpenter ant’s first inclination is to attack wood that is wet, moist, decayed, or damaged by mold so tunneling can be more accessible; if they need to, they can adapt and tunnel through dry wood. Their excavations resemble smooth sandpaper tunnels and are extremely clean. They can cause significant structural damage.

They can enter homes in the following ways:

  • Cracks around windows and doors
  • Through areas where plumbing comes into the property
  • Through places where electrical wires go into the property
  • From tree limbs, shrubs, and overhead wires that touch a building
  • Through any small openings, gaps, or crevices around the outside of the building.

Ant pest control is problematic because it is difficult to get rid of carpenter ants on your own. The hardest part of getting rid of carpenter ant nests is finding them. If you don’t eliminate the whole colony (consisting of satellite nests), your ant problem will continue. You might get some, but you probably won’t get them all on your own.

The Best Way To Get Rid Of Carpenter Ants From Your Boise Property

Because it is so hard to get rid of carpenter ants, professional help is necessary. The best ant control company to help you with your carpenter ant problems is Owyhee Environmental. When fighting pests, why settle for an ordinary pest company when you can have the Navy Seals of the pest control world? Let our family-owned and operated company provide free inspections that are affordable for property owners. Call the best ant control company, Owyhee Environmental, today.

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