What To Do About A Wasp Infestation In Your Boise Yard

April 10, 2023

Seeing a wasp while walking down the street is bothersome. Seeing one of these pests buzzing around your car in the morning while you are trying to leave for work is even more concerning. When these pests invade local yards, they bring danger with them. People can sense this danger. Fortunately, there are ways to keep wasps away.

Here is everything you need to know about wasps and how to deal with an active infestation in your Boise yard. For immediate assistance removing a wasp nest from your property, get in touch with Owyhee Environmental. We will schedule an appointment for your home and send our service professionals your way with advanced pest control in Boise to meet your need.

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How To Tell If You Are Dealing With A Wasp Infestation

Wasps in Boise are not afraid of anything, or at least they don't act like they are. This is to say, if these pests are around, they will not try to hide their presence. The biggest challenge is finding out if there is a nest on or near your property.

Paper wasps build their nests in trees, on the side of buildings, inside outbuildings, and holes in the ground. Other species might build in similar locations. If you feel comfortable, walk around your home and property looking for wasp nests.

If you are uncomfortable doing this, bring in our team to check for you. We are not just masters at wasp removal but also at identifying the source of wasp infestations at your Boise home.

Common And Uncommon Symptoms Of A Wasp's Sting

If you are scared of wasps, it is most likely because you were stung by one of these pests at some point. Most people stung by these pests experience moderate pain, redness, itching, and warmth, all centering from where the sting occurred. Some individuals experience more severe symptoms like coughing, tickling in the throat, tightness in the chest and throat, and breathing problems. These are the signs of an allergic reaction.

To find out if you are allergic, consult with your doctor. They will help you understand your risk and make sure you have the necessary medications if you are susceptible to serious injury caused by anaphylaxis.

Factors That Attract Wasps To Your Property

Many things might encourage wasps to build a nest in your yard. To make things simple for you today, here are five common reasons these pests might settle on your property:

  • There are flowers around your home's exterior
  • You leave out food for your pets
  • Scraps of food and open drink beverages are left out after an outdoor gathering
  • There are holes and abandoned burrows in your yard
  • Your trash cans do not have tight-fitting lids

We highly recommend addressing as many of these attractants as possible. If wasps still build a nest in your yard despite your best efforts to prevent the, from coming, feel free to call in our team.

The Best Way To Get Rid Of A Wasp Infestation In Your Yard

If you are looking for wasp nest removal in Boise near you, start by checking out our options at Owyhee Environmental. We are a team of dedicated and highly-trained service professionals passionate about high-quality pest control. Let us use advanced and proven methods to identify and deal with wasps and other harmful insects around your yard.

Call Owyhee Environmental now if you have any unanswered questions about wasps or to find out more about our residential and commercial pest control services in Boise. We will find what you need, including freedom from these dangerous insects. 

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