What To Do About A Spider Problem Around Your Meridian Home

May 30, 2023

It looks like you have some new eight-legged, bulgy-eyed roommates, also known as spiders. You may not know exactly how they got in, but somehow, they did. And now, they can't get enough of the place. They show up unexpectedly, leave their webs in inconvenient locations, and never pay rent. And just when you think you've come up with a clever way to get rid of spiders, you see even more of them. If you're tired of arachnids sticking around your residence like cling wrap, it's time to call in reinforcements.

That's our cue to send in our team from Owyhee Environmental to take the reins. We understand the sense of urgency to get rid of these creatures from your home. That's why we offer the most effective pest control in Meridian. We come well-equipped with the knowledge, tools, and training necessary to transform your home into a spider-free zone. Keep reading to learn more about these creatures and how professional pest specialists can get rid of them.

a spider crawling in a home

How Many Spiders Are Too Many?

Depending on whom you ask, even one lone spider creepily crawling around your house is one too many. In fact, it's not uncommon for the sight of a spider to send shivers down your spine. But if you're not paying attention, just a few arachnids can quickly turn into a full-blown infestation, especially if the accommodations are ideal for them to thrive. It's important to recognize the problem early to manage it before it worsens.

But just as important as the number of arachnids are the types of spiders that are roaming around. In Meridian, multiple species can appear on your doorstep, not to mention your attic, basement, or any other area of your house. Some of the most common offenders include:

  • Wolf spiders
  • Black widow spiders
  • House spiders
  • Cellar spiders
  • Hobo spiders

While a few spiders in your Meridian home may not be cause for alarm, taking action is essential if their numbers become overwhelming. Also, among the list, only the black widow spider is considered dangerous and should be avoided if you see one. Fortunately, these arachnids are so distinctive with their smooth, shiny black bodies and unmistakable red hourglass pattern that they're pretty hard to miss. One bite from this particular spider could cause serious health consequences that affect the central nervous system.

Therefore, get in touch with a qualified Meridian spider control professional near you that specializes in the elimination of different kinds of spiders.

Spiders In The Home Can Be Problematic

While many people may not mind having the occasional spider or two residing in their home, an infestation can become a serious problem if not handled properly. As previously mentioned, some species of spiders, such as the black widow, can be dangerous to humans, and even harmless spiders can cause fear and discomfort for some individuals. Additionally, spiders can build unsightly webs and leave behind thick, liquid droppings, making your home feel unclean and unpleasant.

In some cases, the presence of spiders may also indicate a secondary pest infestation, as arachnids feed on a variety of insects that most homeowners find undesirable. Some insects spiders love to dine on include moths, flies, ants, beetles, earwigs, cockroaches, mosquitoes, and more. They've also been known to eat other spiders. But despite them being a natural form of pest control, many people find regular spider sightings disturbing. So, contact Owyhee Environmental for assistance in getting rid of common house spiders in Meridian.

Why Spiders Invade Homes

One thing about spiders is that they don't discriminate. If your home provides comfortable lodging and abundant food, there's no reason for them to leave. Since most spiders prey on insects, you're likely to see more of them hanging out around your home to seize their next meal. These creatures may also seek shelter inside homes during the colder months or periods of extreme weather conditions.

Some species of spiders are also attracted to the warmth and brightness emitted by outdoor and indoor lighting, leading them to enter homes through windows and doors. They can also squeeze through small openings, like cracks, crevices, and gaps in the exterior of your house. Fill those openings up, replace bright bulbs with yellow or amber ones, and address your pest issues by contacting reputable professionals.

Professional Pest Control Is The Best Way To Get Rid Of Spiders

When it comes to different types of spiders in Meridian, you don't have to be the hero by attempting to eliminate an infestation yourself. Professionals are standing by with the tools, knowledge, and background to find arachnids where they hide and eliminate them quickly. At Owyhee Environmental, we don't cut corners or waste time with run-of-the-mill pest control methods. We offer a customized experience that suits your specific situation, using only high-quality treatments that keep your family healthy and safe. Reach out to us today, to get a complimentary quote and to learn more about our residential and commercial pest control services in Meridian.

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