What Every Boise Resident Should Know About Earwig Control

June 9, 2022

Seeing an earwig or two around your home can easily be the start of a significant problem and a widespread earwig infestation. To safeguard against this pest, you should contact Boise pest control at the first signs of earwigs moving in.

earwig crawling on a leaf

Do Earwigs Harm Humans?

Even though earwigs can look dangerous with their long antenna, dark-colored bodies, and threatening-looking pincers, this pest is not very aggressive and generally won’t harm humans. Earwigs are much more likely to run away and hide from humans than they are to attack us. 

What’s more is that earwigs don’t bite, infrequently pinch humans (and their pinches aren’t that strong), and aren’t venomous in any way. Besides their frightening look and nuisance presence, they are not harmful to humans.

Is There Anything Good About Having Earwigs In Your Home?

This pest can be a major nuisance in your home, and many individuals often wonder how to get rid of earwigs once this pest moves in. And while earwigs are unlikely to bring you any benefits as they invade your home, they can sometimes be beneficial when living in your yard. Earwigs feed on dead plant material and insects outdoors, cleaning up the environment and helping the ecosystem thrive.

Five Myths About Earwigs 

Earwigs are insects that bring several different myths and urban legends. To help you tell what’s true and what isn’t, we’ve broken down and explained the five most popular myths about this tiny pest.

  1. One of the first things people wonder about this pest is ‘do earwigs go in ears? Fortunately, this is just an urban legend of sorts – earwigs do not crawl into ears, and they will not lay eggs in there.
  2. The myth that earwigs will feed on your brain is also untrue, as this insect prefers to eat dead plant matter and insects. And again, earwigs will not be able to reach your brain in any way.
  3. Another common myth is that earwigs bite or pinch. While this insect does have pincers, they are unlikely to break the skin and cause any serious damage.
  4. The common belief that an earwig presence indicates a bigger problem in your home may be true in some cases. Earwigs often end up in homes accidentally; if an infestation starts all of a sudden, it can mean weak points in your home’s structure potentially caused by a major dangerous pest, such as termites.
  5. Contrary to popular belief, earwigs don’t want to live around humans, near ears, or in environments close to predators. They prefer moist rotting wood, piles of leaf litter, or leafy outdoor areas to make their homes.

Call the experts at Owyhee Environmental to identify, treat and safeguard your home from earwigs.

How To Keep Earwigs Away From Your Boise Home

An earwig infestation in your house might not be the most dangerous thing to encounter, but it can be a significant nuisance. If you want to get rid of earwigs for good, you should trust our experts at Owyhee Environmental with your pest control needs. Our professionals will be able to remove all traces of earwigs in your home and give you advice on protecting your home against future invasions of this pest. 

Reach out to Owyhee Environmental today and benefit from the peace that professional earwig control can bring you.

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