The Ultimate Guide To Spider-Proofing Your Boise Home

September 25, 2023

Spiders are essential to our ecosystem but can cause many issues if they start spinning their webs inside our homes. If you are dealing with an infestation, spider control in Boise, ID, can help keep you safe from these arachnids.

Read on to learn why spiders are not insects but arachnids, why they invade homes, and how to keep them out of your property with naturally effective prevention tips and professional help from Owyhee Environmental.

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Spiders Are Not Insects But Arachnids

Spiders are not insects but belong to a separate group known as arachnids. It is due to crucial differences in their anatomy and biology. While both have segmented bodies with an abdomen, spiders only have a cephalothorax, and insects have a separate head and thorax. Also, spiders have eight legs, whereas insects typically only have six.

Another critical distinction is the specialized silk-producing spinnerets in many types of spiders that enable them to create webs for hunting and shelter. And finally, arachnids lack antennae. 

But despite all these differences, one thing they have in common is their search for food, water, and shelter, which draws them into our homes.

Why Spiders Invade Homes

Common house spiders in Boise will invade for several reasons, especially during certain times of the year or with specific conditions, including the following:

  • An abundance of prey: As predators, they follow insects drawn to our properties by indoor lights or food sources.
  • Adequate shelter: During colder seasons, spiders may seek protection from harsh weather conditions. If your house can provide a safe and warm environment for them to survive, you could be at risk of a spider infestation.
  • New territory: As spiders venture out to find places to settle down, they can inadvertently enter our homes through small openings.
  • Water sources: Spiders need food and water to survive. High humidity could attract these pests, especially if your home has leaks or clogged drains.

If you are dealing with a spider invasion, read on to learn some naturally effective spider prevention tips you can start using today.

Naturally Effective Spider And Pest Prevention Tips

These naturally effective and practical prevention tips can help keep these unwanted arachnids out of your home:

  • Keep a clean home: Regularly declutter and disinfect to reduce hiding spots and food sources. It will make your house less attractive to spiders and other pests. Vacuuming can also help remove webs and eggs.
  • Seal entry points: Inspect your home for gaps spiders could squeeze through and seal them to keep invaders out.
  • Maintain your yard: Cut down vegetation, keeping it away from the house, as it can provide an easy way for spiders to enter your home. A healthy yard can also encourage natural predators to settle and keep spider infestations in check. 
  • Reduce outdoor lighting: Lights are magnets for insects, which attract spiders. Reduce outdoor lighting or use yellow bulbs that are less attractive to them.

These prevention tips can reduce the presence of spiders in your home, but you might need more at certain times of the year. When you do, Owyhee Environmental can provide safe and effective strategies.

Professional Pest Control Makes The Best Spider Control

If you want the best spider control strategies, professional help is the way to go. We can swiftly identify the different species in your home for optimal and targeted measures to keep spiders away for good.

Our specialized products and equipment are more potent and long-lasting than over-the-counter solutions, yet are EPA-approved and highly effective at eliminating existing spider infestations while preventing future invasions.

And finally, we can safely handle potentially dangerous spider species and offer customized solutions based on your specific spider concerns and property for maximum effectiveness and minimal environmental impact.

If you are ready for a spider-free environment, call Owyhee Environmental today for the most reliable and efficient strategies for local spider control in Boise.

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