The Ultimate Guide To Spider Prevention And Control For Boise Homeowners

January 25, 2024

Spiders can invade your home any time of the year. These scary-looking pests can cause unease and anxiety in many homeowners, and for good reason. While not all spiders are able to cause harm to people or pets, the presence of spiders inside your home could indicate that you have a more significant problem in your home that requires your immediate attention. 

At Owyhee Environmental, our spider exterminators know the common habits and behaviors of the local spiders in Boise and the surrounding area. When you team with us, we can help you identify the reason behind the sudden spider invasion in your home, and we can help remove and prevent future infestations.

a brown recluse spider crawling on a wall

Characteristics Of Common Spiders

Our Boise spider extermination team commonly finds a variety of different spiders in this area. And while every spider species can have different markings and other unique characteristics, they all have the same basic body structure. Some of the physical characteristics all spiders have in common include:

  • Cephalothorax: This is one of the two main body parts of spiders. The cephalothorax contains the spider’s head and thorax. 
  • Abdomen: This large body part is located right beside the cephalothorax. It houses the heart, stomach, and reproductive organs.
  • Legs: The legs of a spider can vary by species. Some spiders can have short legs, long legs, skinny legs, or thick legs. However, every spider has eight legs. 
  • Eyes: All spiders have multiple eyes. Many spiders have eight eyes, but some species have six eyes or less. However, even with several eyes, many spiders still have poor eyesight. 
  • Mouthpart: Spiders have unique mouthparts called chelicerae. They typically have two fangs on the end that the spider uses to bite its prey and inject venom into the body. 

Most spiders also have specialized organs called spinnerets at the rear of their abdomen. These body parts produce silk and allow the spider to create webs. While not all spiders make webs, seeing cobwebs around your home is a good indication that you need to have your home inspected by a professional spider exterminator. 

Why Spiders In Your Home Can Be Problematic

Many spiders are capable of biting humans and pets but rarely cause any harm. The black widow spider is one of the only spiders with venom that is toxic to humans. These venomous spiders have black bodies with a red hourglass-shaped marking on their abdomen. If this spider bites you, it could cause fever, muscle aches, dizziness, and other serious side effects that require medical attention. 

While most spiders can’t harm you, they can alert you to bigger problems in your home, such as an insect infestation. If you see more than one spider in your home, you should have your house thoroughly inspected by a spider control expert as soon as possible. 

Spider Prevention Tips That Work

Spiders will come into your home if your property has plenty of food and water and a safe and warm shelter. The first thing you should do to ensure that spiders are not attracted to your home is to fix any water leaks in or around your home. You should also address pest issues in your home, especially insect infestations, as most spiders like eating various insects. Also, make sure to seal any cracks or gaps around your home. 

The best way to keep spiders away from your home is to team up with a local spider control specialist. A professional can assess the situation and come up with a customized solution. 

Quality Pest Control Makes The Best Spider Control

If you are looking for the best pest control in Boise, Idaho, look no further than our professionals at Owyhee Environmental. We offer several spider control solutions that can fit your needs and your budget. Give us a call today to schedule your inspection.

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