The Secret To Keeping Spiders Out Of Your Boise Home

August 31, 2022

Spiders get a reputation for being creepy, scary, and dangerous. That might be the case for the brown recluse, yellow sac spider, and black widow, but not all types of spiders are dangerous. Spiders come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors, and most are more beneficial to the ecosystem than harmful to humans. Even though spiders are generally no threat, they're not a welcome visitor to Boise homes. Owyhee Environmental provides reliable pest control in Boise to help keep your home spider-free.

brown recluse spider hanging from web

Types Of Spiders Commonly Found Around Boise

All spiders play a role in balancing out the ecosystem and pollinating flowers. Without them, we'd be overrun by other insects like flies, crickets, and mosquitoes. And although they are not a major contributor to plant pollination, their absence would still have real consequences. Some of the most common spiders in Boise are:

  • Common house spider
  • Cellar spider
  • Wolf spider
  • Black widow
  • Brown recluse
  • Hobo spider
  • Yellow sac spider

These are just some of the most common spiders you can spot around Boise. Most of the spiders you'll encounter aren't dangerous, and will often move along without too much intervention. However, there are some species of spiders that you want to be extra cautious of because these spiders are venomous, and they can do actual harm to you and your pets.

Some Spiders' Bites Are Worse Than Others

Most spider bites do not cause serious reactions. However, children, the elderly, and those with compromised immune systems should be wary and take precautions. There are three species of common local spiders that are worse than others, though. The brown recluse, black widow, and yellow sac spider are all venomous and can leave a nasty bite.

  • The brown recluse is a small spider, no bigger than the size of a quarter. Its bite creates a bullseye mark, and its venom can cause tissue necrosis. The recluse's most recognizable feature is its violin-shaped body. The recluse does not spin webs; it hides in nooks and unoccupied spaces.
  • The female black widow spider is an easily recognizable spider. Its bite leaves a painful mark and often blisters. Female black widow spiders are recognizable by the red hourglass on the bottom of their abdomen. The black widow's web looks like a cat's cradle string, silvery with a shimmer.
  • The yellow sac spider often gets confused with the brown recluse; however, it grows larger. The yellow sac spider's bite is extremely painful at the time of the event and blisters later. This spider is a milky yellow color and has a reputation for hiding in people's clothes. Its web is spherical, and this yellowish-green spider likes to spend time in the garden and tall grass.

If you believe you've been bitten by any of these three spiders, seek medical attention, as reactions to their venom can vary.

Factors That Attract Spiders Into Our Homes

Spiders need food, water, and shelter. Most spiders can go a month or two without eating but only three weeks without water. Our homes provide everything spiders need inside a temperate climate. Spiders are cold-blooded, but they most often come in during the winter when temperatures drop below their comfort. Besides basic necessities, there are other factors that draw in spiders:

  • Yellow light
  • Cluttered spaces
  • Unoccupied rooms
  • Open trashcans
  • Wood piles
  • Basements
  • Laundry rooms

The local pest control professionals at Owyhee Environmental can help you find the best way to get rid of spiders in the house.

Pro Pest Control Makes For The Best Spider Control

There are many common spiders in Idaho, and most are harmless. But if spiders overrun you, call us, and we will help you out. We provide eco-friendly solutions and same-day emergency pest control response. Owyhee Environmental brings you the best quality pest control in Boise.

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