The Best Mosquito Control For Boise Yards

March 15, 2022

Mosquitoes are members of the Diptera group that includes the majority of flies. They have one pair of wings, a body length of less than a ½ inch, and long legs. More than 200 different mosquito species exist throughout the U.S. 

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Female mosquitoes bite humans and animals to obtain blood, which contains the necessary proteins for egg development. The life cycle of a mosquito includes transitional phases as an egg, larva, and pupa before reaching adulthood. Mosquitoes are considered to be vectors that can spread pathogens among hosts.

What animals eat mosquitoes (if any)? Some of the creatures that most commonly eat mosquitoes include birds, bats, fish, frogs, and a host of others.

A licensed pest controller will know the best ways to kill mosquitoes and some of the leading strategies that have proven to be effective in preventing these unwanted pests from returning to your yard and causing problems.

What Health Problems Can Mosquitoes Cause?

What do mosquitoes carry that makes it so important to get rid of mosquitoes promptly? Mosquitoes are known for being dangerous creatures that can spread disease as they travel from host to host. Some of the common concerns associated with mosquitoes include the Zika virus, West Nile virus, yellow fever, tularemia, and many more.

Why Are There So Many Mosquitoes In My Boise Yard?

One of the most likely conditions to attract mosquitoes are pools of standing water, which is a necessary element for their survival and the reproductive process. For this reason, mosquitoes are commonly found near lakes, ponds, and swampland. Some of the best practices for limiting mosquitoes include:

  • Removing kiddie pools, wheelbarrows, and tires that are likely to gather rainwater
  • Keep gutters and downspouts clear to maintain any water flows away from the structure
  • Repair leaky spigots or hoses that can generate pools of water
  • Regularly change the water in birdbaths to dispose of any eggs that might exist
  • Prevent clogged drains by promptly removing sticks, grass, and other materials that cause blockages
  • What Is The Best Mosquito Repellent In Boise?

There are various types of plants and natural oils that have often been shown to repel mosquitoes to some extent. Some examples of oils include lemon eucalyptus oil, cinnamon oil, and thyme oil. Plants including lavender, marigolds, and citronella grass, are others that many people believe can help prevent mosquitoes.

The Best Way To Reduce Mosquitoes In Boise

There is no easy way to get rid of mosquitoes; however, the internet is filled with mysterious remedies and ways to kill mosquitoes that explain what animals eat mosquitoes and other home treatment options. While individual results may vary, many of these efforts are unsuccessful and are not a viable alternative to seeking assistance from a licensed pest controller.

Leading Provider Of Pest Control Services

A seasoned pest controller will understand the question of what do mosquitoes carry when it comes to illnesses and the best methods for expelling these creatures from your property. At Owyhee Environmental, we will deploy an expert technician to the property to perform a thorough assessment of the existing conditions and identify if any contributing factors could be supporting the mosquito population. Our trained personnel may use a mosquito fogging system that has proven to be effective at limiting the number of these bothersome and potentially dangerous flying pests.

Although we generally recommend that property owners consider an ongoing (recurring) treatment plan for mosquitoes, those who are going to be hosting an outdoor party, barbeque, wedding, or other event are invited to contact Owyhee Environmental. We can discuss advanced treatment options that will reduce the presence of mosquitoes in your yard area on that day.

Keep in mind that our organization remains committed to performing our services using products and application methods that are safe for humans and the local ecosystem. We look forward to speaking with you to schedule an onsite inspection. 

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