Pest Control For Carpet Beetles & Bed Bugs

July 27, 2020

Before the modern housing construction, these pests used to dwell in a wider economical range but as industrialization occurred pests started acquiring shelters in houses, furniture, shops, etc. These peculiar animals tend to destroy the habitat they live in and cause adverse effects. The treatment of pests can end up being very costly. So, when it comes to getting a pest control service, you should look for the best pest control in Boise. These household pests commonly fall under two categories: bed bugs and carpet beetles.

Bed Bugs

These are generally referred to as ‘vampires’ as they suck on human blood. These are tiny and similar to an apple seed-sized creature with a flat base and oval body and generally reddish-brown in color. As the name suggests they live in bed cavities, sofas, carpets, cupboards, cabinets, and bed mattresses. These can cause harm to both the person as well as the home furniture in the short and the long run. 

Bed bugs are not related to any major health issues and diseases, but they leave red bites and rashes on the body the part that sucks blood from. This may cause irritation, dryness as well as redness in the skin of an individual. They generally hunt at night and are prone to infect the same person every single day if they are caught under your living. They generally live and multiply in warm places.

A bed bug infestation is a haunting concern to owners as the feed of human blood. Easy ways to suspect a bed bug are bloodstains, fecal matters, and dry skins on your furniture surfaces. They travel from clothing or luggage as a process of tail-biting. It is very difficult to identify them as they hide in little cavities of your furniture.

Owyhee Environmental is the one to look for when it comes to freeing yourself as well as your furniture from these harming bed bugs. 

Carpet Beetles

Carpet beetles are tiny furry caterpillars with littles spines all over them. They have generally dark brown skin with white and light-colored patches all over them. They feed on natural fibers like carpets, curtains, and wool; justifying their name ‘Carpet Beetles’.

Since these types of pests do not feed on human blood, they do not cause any harm. They ruin the natural fiber items in our houses making it difficult to sustain for living. The condition begins to deteriorate slowly and steadily. They get inside the fabric through any opening and lay their eggs which take full larva form and destroy the fabric. Getting rid of carpet beetles is an expensive task as identifying them is a tough job that can’t be done through naked human eyes, a professional’s help is mandatory. 

A carpet beetles’ infestation can only be prevented by keeping textiles and fibers extra clean by regular laundry and vacuum. Since these pests don’t survive in cooler places a better way to prevent carpet beetles is keeping your area at a low temperature.

What Are The Best Ways To Fight Pests?

It is easier to fight carpet beetles than bed bugs as they are out in the open whereas bed bugs generally tend to hide. Vacuums are effective for cleaning carpets, curtains, and wools but to get rid of bed bugs you need proper equipment which can be costly. Using traps and lures can be helpful while cleaning bed bugs. Additionally, you can get assistance from the best pest control in Boise. 

It is unreal to claim that a surface is completely free from bed bugs and carpet beetles if it's affected once but, the right chemicals and techniques with the help of  Owyhee Environmental, can lower the bad influence of them on us.



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