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September 1, 2020

Pest control is something that many residents in Meridian ID deal with. Pests find their way into our homes and lawns, making it difficult to enjoy our space and cause confusion. Sometimes, homeowners stumble upon an infestation or find signs that pests may be running rampant on their property. When this happens, it is time to bring in the professionals and have these pests exterminated from the premises. 

Types Of Pests To Exterminate

There are several types of pests that can harm your home and property. Below are common pests in Meridian ID. 

These pests can infest both the interior and exterior of your home in Meridian ID. Not only will they destroy personal property, but they can cause destruction to your lawn and back yard, also. Their infestation could be hazardous to your health, especially regarding bed bugs and spiders. Having rats will carry the spread of fleas throughout your property. With wasps and hornets, you could have loved ones allergic to their sting, making it a real danger to have around the home. 

Types Of Pest Control Services

When you are looking for pest control services Meridian ID has to offer, you are looking for the following options to keep your property secure from an infestation and prevent some of the worst pests from getting near your home. 

Initial Inspection

When you first suspect that there may be some form of pest problem, you will alert professional pest control technicians to come and assess the problem. During the initial inspection, they will thoroughly inspect inside and outside of your home, looking for signs of which pests are taking up residence and what needs to be done to remove them. Once they have determined the type of pest problem on your property, the first treatment will be provided to start exterminating the pest. 

Seasonal Interior Repellant Services

To keep these pests from returning inside your home, there are seasonal treatments that are applied to your home each quarter to keep up with pest maintenance. Low-level treatments are applied to the home with each of these intervals to keep the pests out, discouraging them from coming in and eliminating them if they do cross over into the home. This treatment is often applied to new construction or applied after an infestation has been exterminated and homeowners are looking for preventative options. 

In order to keep these pests out of the home, a six-foot barrier is placed around the home, capturing these pests before they can gain entry. It is placed at the home's foundation where most pests gain entry into your home. The product used in microencapsulated and will significantly discourage these pests from making a new home out of yours. This same barrier can be applied to other shops and building structures on your property that may have fallen victim to a pest infestation. 

External Treatment Options

Since all of these pests originate in the outdoors, it is essential to identify where they have nested and remove pests on the property. Found in the inspection, these nests are eliminated and treatment is applied to keep similar pests from returning to the area. Traps are set along with your property so that your pest control technician can come around quarterly and monitor the pest level in your yard. 

The eaves on your home and structures are cleaned and inspected regularly to remove cobwebs, spiders, and any wasps or hornets that have attempted to settle down. Once they have been cleaned, a repellant will be applied to keep these pests from returning, forcing them to look elsewhere for lodging. 

The Winter Treatment

Before the coldest months approach Meridian ID, it is critical to have the winter treatment applied to your home. Pests lurking nearby are looking to also keep warm through the winter. During this treatment, areas such as the attic, insulation, and crawl spaces are prepped to repel pests from bedding in these areas. If it is not properly protected, they will nest in these parts of your home, multiplying over the winter months and growing an infestation that is much harder to manage once the temperatures warm and they start to roam through your home. 

Do You Need Pest Control Meridian Idaho Style?

If you are in need of prominent pest control on your property, either externally or internally, you need to contact Owyhee Environmental today. Our team has been in this industry fighting and maintaining pest control for decades. We are also not afraid of a little challenge. We will exterminate and repel pests from even the hardest to reach corners of your home. Give us a call today at (208) 391-5153 today for schedule your consultation. 




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