Jerome Homeowners' Complete Guide To House Fly Control

June 30, 2021

If there is one species of fly in Jerome, Idaho that is so commonplace most homeowners barely notice them, it’s the housefly. There are many different fly species in the area, but the kind that you’ll usually find flying around your home or outside in your yard is the house fly.

house fly on kitchen table

While you might not pay them much attention while going about your life, even one pesky fly that won’t get out of your home can be really annoying to deal with. However, house flies are more than just a nuisance pest. These frustrating creatures are known to spread diseases as they carry many pathogens, so they are potentially dangerous to have around your property.

The first step in dealing with house flies is to know what they look like and how to tell them apart from other common species. You can identify the house fly from other flies because they are a dark grey color with large, reddish eyes. They have slightly hairy bodies, translucent wings, and they can have a striped appearance.

Why Are House Flies So Unsanitary?

The reason why house flies can transmit so many germs to humans is because of where they tend to hang out. These small pests eat all kinds of foods including things that most people would find absolutely disgusting.

They are often found hanging out around garbage, feces, and even rotting animal carcasses. Then, if they make their way indoors, they will land on your countertops, your food, and throughout your house. House flies will also consume all sorts of people and pet food, so they can easily transmit illnesses.

House flies are known to transfer up to 100 different pathogens, and they can even spread some serious diseases including typhoid and tuberculosis. And, if all of this wasn’t revolting enough, they also defecate constantly whenever they land.

Some House Fly Prevention Tips

Since house flies are dangerous to have around your Jerome home, it’s a good idea to take steps to keep the flies from ever becoming a problem. While house flies can be difficult to prevent completely, you can take some steps to make your property less appealing to them, such as:

  • Always clean up pet waste in a timely manner. This includes removing any outdoor feces from your yard.
  • Keep all garbage cans covered with tightly fitted lids and take out the trash often. Also, make sure to wash down trash cans as needed.
  • Make it more difficult for flies to get inside the house by repairing or replacing any broken screens in doors and windows. Also, don’t keep doors and windows open without screens in place.
  • Clean up trash from around your property and avoid eating outdoors.
  • Wipe up food and drink spills right away. This includes cleaning up any crumbs on countertops or floors.

The Easiest Way To Remove House Flies

If you’re looking to remove house flies from around your home and keep them away in the future, Owyhee Environmental is here to help. We provide ongoing residential pest control options that will keep these dangerous flying insects away from your property using eco-friendly methods.

We also make it easy to get started by offering free inspections. Just give us a call at (208) 203-8187 to book your free consultation today.

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