How To Keep Flies Away From Your Meridian Property

March 25, 2023

Meridian, Idaho, is the third biggest city in the state, offering vibrant natural landscapes and activities for its residents. It is a beautiful place to live and work; however, sometimes, keeping certain pests, like flies, away from your Meridian home is difficult. Any holes or gaps in the foundation or damaged window screens that allow flies inside could lead to a fly infestation. If you need pest control services in Meridian for your home, contact Owyhee Environmental today. 

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How To Tell If You Are Dealing With A Fly Infestation

If you think that there may be a fly infestation in your Meridian home, it is important to watch for the indications and contact professional pest control if needed. While an occasional fly or two around your property is not something to worry about, if you begin seeing multiple flies, it can indicate that there is an infestation.

Other indications of an abundance of flies in your apartment or house include the following:

  • Maggots, usually near trash or rotting food
  • Regular sighting of flies, especially near garbage or water sources
  • An increase in spiders and other species that prey on flies

If you think you may have a fly infestation in your home, we recommend finding a professional pest control company as the most efficient and best way to get rid of flies. Keep yourself and your loved ones safe from flies and the hazards they bring into area homes!

The Many Concerns Fly Infestations Can Create In A Home

If you have ever dealt with flies in your home, you know these pests can be an obnoxious nuisance. Unfortunately, while a fly or two in your home might be a bother, an infestation is usually more than annoying. Different types of flies carry viruses and bacteria, which can be spread through the contamination of food and other surfaces around your home. Flies in your home and around your food can make you and your family members sick.

If you are looking for efficient and affordable ways to get rid of flies, Owyhee Environmental is your local and eco-friendly solution. We can help you eliminate the flies in your Meridian home and implement strategies to keep them from coming back. 

What Causes A Fly Infestation In A House?

Although different kinds of flies have specific behaviors, there are some things that all flies have in common. One of these is that flies go into homes searching for decaying matter and warmth. Once they find these resources, they use them as breeding grounds for their young. Once inside the home, flies breed quickly and can multiply into hundreds within just a few days. This is one of the reasons why DIY methods of pest control don't usually work to treat flies, as it takes knowledge and experience of the pest to treat them at the source and eliminate the entire infestation.

Another factor that makes homes attractive to flies is poor sanitation or poor hygiene. This includes food being left uncovered, garbage bags left open or unsealed, and pet food left outside. Fecal matter and general filth also provide breeding grounds for flies. Improving the home's sanitation is the first step to getting rid of flies in Meridian. The less food is available to flies, the less likely they are to invade your home.

If you are looking for ways to minimize the risk of flies in your home or eliminate a current infestation, it's a good idea to schedule an inspection with a fly control company. A professional can identify infestation causes or risk factors and recommend the best ways to get rid of flies in your home.

The Secret To Total Fly Control For Your Home

If you need to get rid of flies, Owyhee Environmental is your local solution. We are family-owned and eco-friendly, which means that we will only use the best products and practices to treat your home. As part of our comprehensive pest management program, we will begin with a thorough inspection of your home, where we'll check for indications of flies and entry points. Afterward, we will apply the best treatment for your specific needs.

At Owyhee Environmental, we believe that the best offense is a good defense which is why we provide a low-impact approach to repel pests from the outside, creating long-term prevention solutions and ensuring your home stays fly-free into the future. Contact us today to learn more about our residential and commercial pest control services in meridian!

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