How To Get Rid Of Mice In Your Boise Home

January 10, 2022

Boise, Idaho, is committed to creating a community that welcomes all. This community is urban with an outdoorsy vibe. Boise invites you to explore it all; Its reputation for being friendly and its wild, relaxing, and unforgettable atmosphere is sure to provide a great experience. Boise residents should be careful with their open invitation to explore their city because house mice are looking for an accommodating place to settle.

mouse in in the attic

What Everybody Ought To Know About House Mice In Boise

The lives of humans and house mice have intertwined for thousands of years. As humans have moved farther out into house mouse territory, they have had to adjust their habitats. Since humans supply much of what a house mouse needs to survive, they have become adept at letting humans provide for them. If we have to live with these pesky critters, we should know their common characteristics.

Six facts about house mice characteristics are as follows:

  1. They measure 4 to 9 inches long with bi-colored tails.
  2. Their fur is typically dusty gray with white bellies.
  3. Their bodies are round.
  4. They have large ears that have bits of fur on them.
  5. They have pointed noses.
  6. They have small, black eyes.

Little-Known Dangers and Damages Caused By House Mice In Idaho

House mice are a problem year-round; simply put, it’s hard to keep mice away! By the time you realize house mice have gained access to your home, health dangers and house damages are already in progress.

Health dangers posed by house mice include:

  • Contamination of stored food
  • Spreading of salmonella
  • Rat-bite fever (uncommon)
  • Allergies (particularly in children)
  • Asthma complications
  • Health issues from other pests (fleas, ticks, mites, and lice) that house mice bring into your home

House damages caused by house mice include:

  • Gnawing on electrical wires (fires)
  • Stored items ruined
  • Packaged foods ruined
  • Musky odors from urine
  • Burrowing/nesting damage to insulation
  • Ruined wood/woodwork
  • Rub marks on walls

If you see one house mouse, you can bet there are more. House mice breed incessantly; females have six babies every three weeks, which equals 35 babies per year.

Secrets To House Mice Prevention In Kittitas County

House mice can squeeze through some pretty tight spaces when they want to get food, moisture, or shelter. Gaps as wide as a pencil or holes a bit larger than a dime can bring trouble. How do you keep mice away? Since house mice have no problem chewing through drywall, plastic, PVC, foam insulation, and wood, homeowners must seal their gaps and holes with proper materials.

Three facts about house mice exclusion:

  1. Seal gaps and holes with silicone-based caulking
  2. Stuff small gaps and holes with steel wool.
  3. Use metal sheeting over the edges of doors and windows.

Last but certainly not least, practicing good sanitation is critical. Food surfaces need to be kept clean. Foods left out need placed in metal or glass canisters with tight-fitting lids. Home maintenance should include fixing any leaks and removing any standing water; you should also keep stored boxes up off the floor. Place all trash in secure garbage bins with tight-fitting lids.

The Best Way To Remove House Mice From Your Idaho Home

You usually don’t know you have house mice problems until you see one zipping across your floor or find one dead somewhere. Since house mouse infestations can get out of hand so quickly, you need help from Owyhee Environmental. Our pest control plans will protect your home year-round. The fastest way to get rid of house mice is by calling Owyhee Environmental today.

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