How To Get Rid Of Hornets: The Ultimate Guide For Boise Homeowners

June 20, 2023

In Boise, homeowners might encounter a host of different stinging insects on their property, including bees, wasps, hornets, and more. During the warmer months, these creatures may construct nests on the premises of local property owners. Unfortunately, many individuals find themselves enduring painful stings when encountering these flying pests.

Are you wondering how to control hornets? Based on the potential risks involved, hornet and wasp control measures should be performed by experienced local professionals. A seasoned Boise pest control technician is familiar with hornets and the various other types of stinging insects that plague homeowners in this region.

bald faced hornet on plant

What Are Hornets?

Bald faced hornets (Dolichovespula maculata) are creatures similar to yellow jackets. Bald faced hornets in Boise have a distinctive white pattern on their face. These pests range in size from roughly 1/2 to 5/8 inches long and have six legs and antennae. Queen bald faced hornets are usually slightly larger than the others.

The nests that bald faced hornets create are generally above the ground and may house several hundred members. These nests often reach lengths of 24 inches and have a papery external appearance. Nests are often positioned in trees or around eaves and roof areas.

Hornets are most active during the day and are categorized as social insects rather than solitary insects. The population of a nest usually peaks during the later summer months of July or August. While the majority of members die off as the winter approaches, some inseminated members of the nest overwinter and reemerge in the spring.

Hornets Can Be Dangerously Aggressive

As with the majority of stinging insects, hornets will defend themselves when they feel threatened. Bald faced hornets possess venom that can result in itchy and swollen areas of the skin. Some of those with allergies might experience more harmful reactions.

Practical Tips To Prevent Future Hornet Problems

Many property owners in Boise are unaware of what might attract these types of pests. Some of the best preventative measures to consider include:

  • Some plants that have demonstrated natural repellent properties include eucalyptus, citronella, and mint.
  • Keep garbage placed in sealed containers.
  • Thoroughly remove food scraps, beverages, and packaging materials from exterior yard areas after barbeques and picnics.
  • Avoid wearing bright-colored clothing, strong perfumes, or colognes that might attract these pests.

These tips for preventing hornets are typically effective; however, those who encounter an existing nest on their property should seek assistance from a pest control professional.

The Safe And Effective Way To Get Rid Of A Hornet Infestation

Are there providers of professional wasp and hornet control near me? Yes. Owyhee Environmental is a leading provider of pest control solutions. Our experienced technicians understand how to control wasps and hornets in Boise.

Owyhee Environmental is a full-service organization offering a comprehensive array of pest control services for local home and business owners. We are properly trained and equipped to expel rodents, fleas, ants, and many other bothersome pests that might pose risks to human health. After contacting us, we will deploy a trained specialist to the property that will closely assess the property.

A detailed inspection is critical so that the service technician gains an understanding of the nature and extent of the pest-related concern. Our staff will answer any questions and explain the best available options for treatment. We always strive to provide the highest-quality customer service that ensures satisfaction.

Boise-area property owners facing problems with hornets or other household pests should contact Owyhee Environmental today for solutions. Remember to ask your representative about our specialized, ongoing residential protection plans to keep the property free of pests all year long.

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