How To Completely Get Rid Of Spider Mites In Boise

April 20, 2022

Almost invisible to the naked eye, spider mites are minuscule garden pests that can swarm in massive numbers, wreaking havoc on your plants and lawn. It's important to learn everything you can about these tiny arachnids because of how difficult they can be to identify and the damage they cause to gardens. In this post, we'll outline just that– starting with what they look like, what attracts them and rounding off this guide with the best ways to get rid of them if you're noticing signs of their presence in your backyard.

a plant covered in spider mite webs

What Are Spider Mites?

Spider mites are tiny arachnids that feed on the fluids found in plant leaves. You're unlikely to actually see what they look like directly, but they're tiny ovals with two red eyes and eight legs. They're only about a twentieth of an inch long, but they make up for that size deficiency with their overwhelming numbers. They'll look more like tiny moving specks than insects. Spider mites can easily grow to swarm in the hundreds, and each one will want to feed on the fruits of your labor in the garden. When spider mites suck the fluids out of plants, they leave behind little brown specks, and with enough mites all feeding on the same plant, it can cause them to wither away.

What Are Spider Mites Attracted To?

Almost any plant that bears fruit or leaves can provide a suitable food source for spider mites. Trees, bushes, flowers, even weeds– you name it, they'll eat it. Pay special attention to any crop plants you have in your garden, as these are the largest and richest in nutrients, attracting even more of them. As for other environmental attraction factors, spider mites tend to prefer warmer climates and less humidity, meaning they're most active during the summer.

Are Spider Mites Dangerous?

Thankfully, the only real danger these little arachnids pose is to your plants. They don't go out of their way to bite people, they don't spread any dangerous diseases to humans, nor do they cause any property damage like termites or carpenter ants often do. However, they can trigger minor allergies or inflict a light rash if they happen to bite you while you're handling an infested plant or spending a lot of time around one. Conversely, the dangers spider mites pose to your plants are very real. They can often kill an entire garden if their population grows too large!

How To Eliminate Spider Mites

The pest prevention experts at Owyhee Environmental are here to help. Alongside professional guidance from one of our highly trained and certified technicians, you can follow this handy set of guidelines to protect your plants from these voracious little arachnids.

  • Keep plants appropriately watered to ensure a less preferable environment for the pests.
  • Inspect plants thoroughly and regularly, keeping an eye out for any potential web strands as well as the arachnids themselves.
  • Remove any mites you find on your plants as soon as possible, potentially investing in eco-friendly pesticides to discourage further infestation.
  • Consider introducing natural predators to spider mites, such as ladybugs, into your garden's ecosystem.

Whether you're fighting a stubborn spider mite infestation in your garden or simply want to ensure you never have to, don't hesitate to give Owyhee Environmental a call. By following the general guidelines listed above and partnering with our family of experts, you too can keep your property healthy and pest-free. Reach out to schedule an inspection, and discover why so many other Boise homeowners trust us for all of their pest control needs.

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