Do Fleas Only Bite Pets In Boise Homes?

March 25, 2022

Fleas are incredibly tiny and incredibly dangerous in your home. They bring danger to whatever home they are in, animals or not, and it is important that you learn the best way to get rid of fleas before they get too out of hand. Fleas in your Boise home spell trouble. Learn the ways that professional pest control can protect your home and family from the flea!

a flea in pet hair biting skin

What Do Fleas Look Like In Boise?

Fleas are very small, only about 1/12 to ⅙ inches long, meaning that it will be very hard to find these pests before they come into your home. They are a dark reddish-brown color and have six legs, and one of their most defining characteristics is their back legs.

A flea is notorious for its jumping capabilities, so before you find any of these pests just sitting around waiting to be found, you can probably find them jumping around between hosts. Fleas on people or on animals all look the same, and all of these fleas should be removed from your Boise home before the problem gets out of hand.

How Do I Know I Have An Infestation In My Boise Home?

With the quick life cycle of fleas, the second that you may even think you have a flea in your home, you might have a full-on infestation. Fleas will quickly lay eggs on whatever host they choose, and soon these flea eggs will give life to new fleas that can take over your home. 

Some of the first signs that you can notice of fleas being in your home are:

  • Flea eggs and flea droppings, which can look like pepper, found in carpets, clothes, and animal fur.
  • Flea bites, which cause scratching, hair loss, and red bumps.
  • Pets chewing and biting their skin.

A flea’s larvae and eggs can also be found in more secretive locations like behind furniture and inside the cracks of the floor. It is recommended to clean your pets, clean yourself, and vacuum repeatedly to get them, but this is not guaranteed. These nasty pests can find their way anywhere, which is why it is so important that they are stopped quickly.

Do Fleas Bite Humans In Boise?

Fleas on people are very common, and because of this so are flea bites. Fleas do not discriminate when it comes to their host, which is why they bite both people and pets alike. These bites are small and are very itchy. Typically these bites can be found lower on the body and on extremeties, around the legs and ankles as well as the arms. 

Some flea bites can trigger allergic responses in humans as well as pets, but this will typically be mild. Flea bites are also not very dangerous and will subside without treatment, but to stay safe it is important that they are dealt with swiftly. 

How To Completely Eliminate Fleas In Boise

The best way to get rid of fleas in your Boise home is to contact the professionals at Owyhee Environmental. We have the experience and the knowledge to not only spot these pests, but also stop them in their tracks, and prevent them from coming back. Owyhee Environmental knows that there is more to pest control than just killing bugs, so you can count on us!

At Owyhee Environmental, we will conduct a thorough inspection of your property, diagnose the pest issue, and identify what is attracting them in the first place. From there, we can come up with the best home or commercial pest control service, tailored according to your specific pest needs, and stop this problem where it stands, leaving you and your home pest-free!

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