Ditch The Fly Traps For Good Inside Your Boise Home!

July 8, 2022

Getting rid of house flies can be a major burden. These filthy pests carry germs and contaminate food sources, so keeping them out of your home is important. Continue reading to learn more about flies and how you can prevent an infestation.

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Why Do Flies Want To Live In Your Home?

House flies are some of the most common insects to infest homes. The average house fly is dark gray in color with large reddish-colored eyes. These insects also have dark stripes on their backs. They are between 1/8" to 1/4" in size. Flies have six legs and two antennae, and females are significantly larger than males.

If you have flies in the house all of a sudden, you may be wondering how they got there. Flies are a nuisance pest that is attracted to homes that offer them their basic needs. The common house fly doesn't have teeth, so it doesn't bite like some other fly species. However, they are extremely filthy and can easily contaminate food sources when they land on them. Flies may not be too far behind if you have too much trash in your home or store food improperly. Holes in screen doors or leaving windows and doors open too long give these bugs the perfect opportunity to take over.

Why Flies May Be Drawn To Your Window Sill

Flies are attracted to your windows for a number of reasons. They are attracted to sunlight and may gather around your windows in an attempt to escape your home. The sun emits both UVA and UVB light, and most windows block UVB rays, which can be confusing to flies. While the difference between these two rays is undetectable by human senses, a fly distinguishes between both to navigate their environment. This is why many flies seem to be disoriented when they're within a window.

Although flies can detect colors and their eyes allow them to see a 360-degree view of their surroundings, their overall vision is poor. Temperature and light also attract them and are most active during daylight hours. You will commonly find house flies near windows, but other species are drawn by them as well. Cluster flies are more active in warmth and look similar to house flies. They are usually a bit larger and louder and have two sets of wings instead of one.

Ways To Deter Indoor Flies

It's important to keep flies away from your home because of their ability to carry and spread bacteria and disease. Prevent flies from infesting your home by following these tips:

  • Keep your kitchen as clean as possible. Wipe down countertops regularly, sweep or vacuum crumbs, and store food in airtight containers with locking lids.

  • Store indoor trash in a receptacle with a lid and empty it often. Keep outdoor garbage secure in durable cans with tight-fitting lids.

  • Repair or replace screens with holes and avoid keeping windows and doors open for an extended period of time.

  • Keep pet areas clean and store pet food in a pest-proof container. Clean pet feces up from the yard and throw it in the garbage. 

When home remedies for flies fail, it might be time to contact a trusted source of pest control in Boise, like Owyhee Environmental.

Filthy Fly Prevention Tactics For Boise Residents

To get rid of flies for good, call in the experts at Owyhee Environmental. Our expert technicians have been providing high-quality pest control services to homeowners throughout the Boise area since 2019. Our state-of-the-art pest control solutions are both eco-friendly and affordable. If a major fly infestation is taking over your home, we offer same-day emergency services to help you when you need it most. Don't let flies ruin your day. Give us a call to learn more about our services.

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