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August 29, 2020

Certified Experts

This company is professional and has been certified to do the work that they do. With official certification from both the Idaho Pest Management Association, or IPMA, and the National Pest Management Association, or NPMA, this business is run by means of expert knowledge and experience.

Environmental Impact

For those who wish to reduce their carbon footprint while still maintaining order and security within the walls of their own home, this company cares a great deal about both as well. The environmentally conscious professionals who work with these customers have intimate knowledge regarding the egg and life cycles of the pests that they are hired to remove, and they work especially hard to make absolutely sure that the work they do causes as little damage to local ecosystems and animals as possible while also providing their clients with the best possible and most effective care and protection from invaders. From initial attic-to-backyard inspections to assessing and personalizing the individual treatment of specific infestations by specific pests, their work is immensely thoughtful and thorough.

Thorough Treatment

This is not your average “one-and-done” pest control treatment company; this business is thorough and works year-round to make sure that the homes they work with are permanently free of any and all unwanted visitors. Their treatment is constant, consistent, and comprehensive. They boast skills in treating a wide variety of creatures, including three species of ant (Pavement, Odorous, and Harvester), three species of spider (Wolf, Black Widow, and Hobo), mice, wasps, earwigs, bedbugs, cockroaches, crickets, and carpet beetles, just to name a few. According to their website, they also conduct a five-step service plan, consisting of the following actions:

  1. Removing webs and nests from hard-to-reach eaves and other nooks and crannies
  2. Inspecting the property for and treating hotspots, or areas of increased invasion risk

  3. Treating the yard and any plant beds to remove—or prevent the future presence of—additional webs and nests
  4. Creating a 6-foot wide barrier around the household that is completely safe from and free of pests

  5. Performing a final treatment of the eaves of the roof and underside of the porch, and any other hiding places.

This company takes an added measure of care to ensure that each household it treats remains free of pests long after the initial treatment. Hired experts, after performing an initial inspection and assessment of the work needed, immediately begin treatment of affected areas and then return periodically throughout the year, taking care to see the property in every season and treat any infestations according to seasonal changes. Their work is thorough, and in their emphasis to be thorough they show that they care personally about the people they serve.

Customer Service

As a small business, this company works closely and intimately with clients and their customer service is always personal while still maintaining a healthy sense of professionalism. Customers who wish to work with this company are instructed to merely send in a text to the business phone number with information regarding the issue they need to be solved, and a representative from the company texts back immediately. A special representative is then selected to work the case based on its details, and a treatment plan is personalized to the individual household’s needs. There is no generic solve-all pest treatment plan that is tossed into the ring carelessly with every new client, as every client is special and unique, as are their needs. Several of the people who have worked with this company have commented on the amazing experience they had, particularly with customer service. Being a local business has its advantages and this company certainly does not disappoint in this particular field.

For people seeking high quality, low-impact, thorough, personal service, this company is the best one there is. Homeowners living in the Boise area need to look no further than this locally-owned small business for all their pest control-related needs.



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