A Helpful Guide To Keeping The Ticks Away From Your Boise Property

April 20, 2023

Many creatures are both liked and hated by people. Ticks are not one of these creatures. We have never met anyone that has any love for these local pests. This is primarily because of the serious problems they cause for people in Boise. If you didn't know, ticks are just as dangerous as they are annoying.

If you have not taken the time to research these little bugs, take that time today. Here is what you need to know about ticks and how to deter and eliminate these pests on your Boise property. Call Owyhee Environmental if you cannot wait for tick control and need these dangerous critters gone ASAP. We will answer questions about our offerings for pest control in Boise and find one that will best handle these pests.

a tick crawling on human skin

How Common Ticks Get Around

Ticks in Boise are limited when it comes to travel. They can't jump like fleas or fly like mosquitoes. This requires them to get creative to get from property to property. Often these harmful arachnids utilize other creatures to travel from place to place. To get onto an animal like a cat, dog, mouse, or deer, ticks will first climb up a tall piece of grass or other tall pieces of vegetation. They will then stick out their front legs and try to transfer over onto creatures that pass by. Once aboard, a tick will bury its head beneath the skin of its victim and draw blood, sometimes for over 36 hours. After it is done, it will likely hop off in a new area, hence how these pests get around.

The Dangerous Diseases Ticks Are Known To Spread

Ticks are not dangerous from birth. They become dangerous after they start consuming blood. More specifically, they become dangerous after consuming the contaminated blood of a human or animal.

Some common diseases different types of ticks spread include Lyme disease, ehrlichiosis, Rocky Mountain spotted fever, and anaplasmosis. The only good news is that it takes over 36 hours for these diseases to be transmitted to humans. Keeping this in mind, check your body thoroughly after spending time outdoors, and make sure you remove the whole tick if you find one of these pests on you.

How To Naturally Make Your Property Less Appealing To Ticks

Certain things make properties more and less susceptible to ticks. Before we talk about professional tick control, we think you should know how to make your yard less attractive to keep ticks away.

Here are a few tips and tricks to do this:

For more help to get rid of ticks in your yard, consider investing in professional tick control services in Boise from Owyhee Environmental. 

The Best Way To Keep Ticks Away From Your Yard

If you are at your wits, end trying to get rid of ticks in Boise, look no further than Owyhee Environmental for your solution. We are a local and dedicated pest control provider with amazing options to deal with all sorts of yard pests, including ticks and mosquitoes. With just one service visit, we will put you on the road to freedom from these potentially dangerous pests.

Contact our team at Owyhee Environmental now and learn more about our residential and commercial pest control services in Boise. We will answer any questions you have and help you make an appointment for tick control for your Boise property.

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