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Keeping ants out of your Boise house is never an easy task. That's because these wily little insects are always finding ways to get into your home – and are motivated to do so. Not only does your home contain various edible goodies that ants would love to get a hold of, but it also has other things they need, such as moisture and shelter. In fact, some ant species even prefer to nest in certain areas in and around your home, like wooden decks or paved driveways. You have to be vigilant to avoid ant problems, especially during the spring and summer.

One of the reasons pest control in Boise for ants is so difficult is that ants are social insects by nature. If one ant finds a suitable food source in your house, it will inform thousands of its companions. They use a complex system of pheromone trails to summon their colony members to their location and whatever food, water, or suitable sources they've found in your home. The good news is no amount of pheromone trails will give ants a fighting chance against our robust array of ant control products.

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Our Ant Control Process

Here at Owyhee Environmental, we have a wide variety of effective ant control products that can help you get rid of an equally wide variety of pest ant species. When we come out to your house, we will first perform a thorough inspection to see what species of ants you have and any attractants that may be drawing them to your property.

During this inspection, we will devise a treatment plan to deal with your entire infestation. This plan may include indoor or outdoor ant control or both, depending on the severity of the infestation and the location of their colonies.

Some of the species we treat include:

  • Carpenter ants
  • Pharaoh ants
  • Little black ants
  • Crazy ants,
  • Odorous house ants
  • Argentine ants
  • Pavement ants

Our treatment plans and control products will depend on the species you have and the locations they're infesting. Typically, we try to get the entire infestation in one go. Our ant control solutions are so effective they usually work on the first try. After we complete the initial service, a follow-up service isn't typically necessary. However, if our ant experts believe you may need a second treatment, they'll discuss the next steps with you during your first treatment. We also warranty our work to ensure you are 100% satisfied!

You shouldn't just choose us because our ant control services are the most effective around; you should also choose us because our dedicated team gives families a safe and pest-free home. Our environmentally friendly products won't negatively impact your drinking water or put your pets and kids in danger.

We also strive to keep all our services and pest control solutions as affordable as we can. We know times are tough for many families, and we attempt to ensure those struggling with money issues don't have to choose between living in a pest-free home and other necessities. So we'll work with your budget to come up with the best solution for you.

Trust Us To Handle Your Ant Problem

 If you already have an ant infestation, ant control can be tough to handle alone. However, if you have already gotten rid of an active ant infestation and are trying to make sure you don't wind up with another one, there are plenty of things you can do to make your home less attractive to these pesky pests. Just follow these ant prevention tips:

  • Keep all indoor and outdoor garbage cans covered with tight lids.
  • Store all pantry foods in airtight containers to mask their smells.
  • Never leave pet foods or dirty pet bowls sitting out.
  • Vacuum and wipe surfaces frequently to eliminate crumbs that could attract ants.
  • Fix moisture problems like clogged drains or leaky pipes.
  • Spray any lines of ants you see in or near your home with vinegar to disrupt pheromone trails. 

If you do wind up with an infestation, don't try to deal with it yourself. Most of the time, the ant control products you can buy in stores will not eliminate your problem.; they will only temporarily reduce the colony's numbers and cause it to spread out. DIY attempts won't just fail to fix your issue; they might actually make things worse. So if you have an ant infestation, the best thing you can do is call the best ant control in Boise: Owyhee Environmental! We've got all the latest and greatest ant control technology available to us and can help you get rid of your ant infestation in a flash. Reach out today to get started and to learn more about our residential and commercial pest control services in Boise.


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